Exciting new reward scheme at the academy

Rewarding our students is one of the best things about working at our academy, and watching them respond positively to new incentives is remarkable. In response to the increased levels of effort, behaviour, and attendance we have seen this year, a new ‘Super League 500’ reward level has been put in place.   

Of course, not all students will reach 500 PARS points this year, but we are equally proud of all our students who are nearing a reward prize threshold, and we can reassure you that we will continue to encourage, praise and reward everyone for great effort, personal development and achievement at school.   

500 club member Megan Sheeran, Y10 discusses her experience of the award:   “When the 500 point award was made, I didn’t think much of it as it wasn’t very appealing to me personally. Yet, as the months went on and I had gained more points, it became a quite interesting and unique idea. The concept of a tie clip or a badge gave the chance to be an individual and to have something that stands out in the midst of badges. Actually getting it, was like a challenge because it wasn’t very easy to achieve – however, when I did receive the award, I felt like it was worth it and that I had something to be proud of.  As a student it made me feel school was trying to focus on the positive students as much as the negative.”

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