Academic tutorials

Academic tutorials are the latest innovation in place for Tuxford students in Key Stages Three and Four. Parents involved in these meetings so far have been very pleased with the outcomes. They value them as a way of being involved with their child's progress and also as a way of being part of the target setting process.

The academic tutorial is a meeting between parents, the student and the form tutor where the Record of Achievement can be discussed in depth and other issues such as behaviour or attendance explored. Each meeting should last between 30 and 40 minutes and one of the outcomes of the academic tutorial is a chance for students and parents to be involved in setting targets for academic and personal improvement for the rest of the year.   

Academic tutorials take place in the week following the issue of the Record of Achievement.  The specific week for each year group has been indicated in the school calendar.  Your child's tutor will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time during the week.   

The meeting will have to fit in with the tutor's teaching commitments during the daytime or they may be held before or after school. Tutors are normally available after school on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday during that week (with a finishing time of 5.30pm) or before school if the tutor has no other commitments.   

The academic calendar is very full with our staff being involved in progress events for the various year groups nearly every week. This means that academic tutorials for a particular year group have to take place during the calendared week and cannot easily be put back to a later week.  

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