Academy life

Working in partnership with parents and students is at the heart of the way in which the academy operates.  At Tuxford, we do our best to ensure that all students enjoy school and learn well.  We put a lot of effort into establishing the needs of students and supporting them on an individual basis. Our Student Welfare Officer is tireless in her efforts to encourage full attendance and home visits are one of the keys to her success. We believe that students can be most effectively supported in their learning and development if school and home work closely together with full co-operation on both sides.

Relationships between school and home can sometimes be tested when a student does not behave considerately or appropriately.  If students’ behaviour falls short of our expectations, we need parents’ trust and support, to ensure that we act together to show him/her how to behave.  By implementing a vertical tutoring system, by providing support structures, identifying unacceptable behaviours, and by operating clear, appropriate and fair sanctions, Tuxford Academy encourages positive behaviour. 

The academy has introduced PARs Insight to parents, which enables them to access attendance, behaviour and progress data for their children.  When fully developed and fully understood by parents it should improve communication, reduce paperwork and have a positive impact on student attitudes.

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