Admissions Process

You will know on "National Offer Day" (1st March 2018) whether or not your child has a place at Tuxford Academy. Once the LEA informs you that a place has been awarded, the school will ensure that the transition occurs painlessly.   
  • Visits by Miss Hethershaw and members of her team to official feeder primary schools occur in January / February and again in May / June. 
  • An intake programme takes place in the Summer Term so that the students who are allocated a place can get to know the school. Students with special needs have an extended induction - working with members of the Learning Support Team from the school. 
  • An intake booklet and other information will be provided (will be sent out in early May) that should answer any questions that you have. 
If you need to find out more, all you have to do is to contact Miss Hethershaw and she will be happy to help.  To email her, click here:
Transition Week 2018
For the year 6 students who are transferring to Tuxford Academy, transition week is taking place on Monday 2nd to Friday 6th July 2018. 


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Some advice from current students for the new starters. Click on each College name to read the blogs.
Ashoffers some helpful tips and advice for any worried year sixes with some useful pointers
Beechgives some advice on making friends and dealing with bullying.
Oak:students review some of the trips in year 7
WillowInvestors in Pupils
Reflections on a Previous Transition Week
It has become a Tuxford tradition to offer Year 6 students from primary schools a week's placement in the summer term so that they can become familiar with the building's layout and meet their tutor group before joining us full time in September. We thought it would be interesting to find out a few students' memories of the experience.
Emma - who came to us from Clarborough Primary - has very clear views of the benefits of the placement: "When I came to Transition Week, yes, I was a bit nervous but the students and teachers were really helpful. I made new friends and Transition Week really prepared me for September."
In contrast, Rowan from East Markham Primary feels that the week did not fully prepare her for what was to come: "It is so different from primary school as I now have six lessons each day. It is very tiring!" When she started school in September she thought it was fun to get a timetable for lessons, "But finding the classrooms was an adventure. Learning Time was also exciting - not knowing who I would be with!"
Charlie joined us from Dunham Primary and he was pleased to discover that the building is not as huge as he imagined: "When I visited in Transition Week I thought the school would be much bigger." When he started in September, he settled quite well: "The older students in Learning Time helped me a lot." The one aspect of Tuxford life he isn't so keen on is his journey to and fro: "I don’t like it when the bus is full."
Harvey from Sutton Primary has had no difficulty in mixing with so many new people: "When I came to school in July to Transition Week, I was nervous but also excited. I made lots of new friends that I might not have met. When I started in September, I made a very good friend from a different primary school to mine."
We asked the four volunteers for their views of Tuxford Academy just a few weeks into their time here.
Rowan told us: "I don’t like waiting for lunch and by the time you get it, it is lesson time!" However she had some positive impressions too: "The teachers are kind and smiley, Miss Gregory especially." Emma too had an opinion of school meals: "What I don’t like is that some days the dinner queue is quite long." What impressed her about the school were the people in it: "If I lost my way trying to find a classroom, older students would help me." Charlie enjoyed the broadened curriculum of secondary school: “I like going to lots of new lessons. The subject I enjoy the most is Science.” Harvey remembers, “When I started in September, it was hard finding the classroom for the first lesson.” He enjoys Technology and Creative Arts and is “looking forward to learning lots of different subjects.”
Rowan’s overview of the move from primary to secondary phase was very relaxed: “I really enjoyed transition as the lessons were fun.”

Harvey’s feelings were a little more ambivalent: “When I came to school in July I was nervous but also excited.”

Emma remains very positive about the whole experience: “Since I came to Tuxford I have really enjoyed all the lessons and made friends. All the teachers are really kind and I have already learned a lot of new things which I did not know in Primary school.”

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