The Astronomy Club meets in IS1, 5-7pm, on the following Wednesdays:
This half terms dates are:
Wednesday 13 June
Wednesday 4 July
Please remember to wrap up warm, if required, as we always aim to go outside. Although it won't be dark we have a solar filter to safely view the sun and other activities planned.
Also you will need to bring a snack (sandwich, crisps etc.) as by 7pm you maybe a little hungry!
Astronomy Club - keep up to date with our news
Follow the Astronomy Club on Twitter @tuxfordastro
We have over 100 followers on our Twitter account and it is a nice mix of parents, students, staff and others including the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society (who have ‘liked’ our tweets in the past) and Greg Quicke. Greg Quicke is an Australian astronomer who was a guest presenter on BBC2’s ‘Stargazing Live’ programme when  Prof Brian Cox and Dara O Briain broadcast live from Australia back in March 2017. Greg captured the viewers’ imagination as he has a very distinctive white beard which earned him the nickname ‘Space Gandalf.’     
Greg follows us and after astro club on 28 June 2017, Ms Tivey tweeted him a photo of our club after they had made a model orrery (moving model of the Earth and moon moving around the Sun). The model had been donated by Harvey Ford-Simms’ dad and it was endorsed by the late Sir Patrick Moore.  Greg Quicke has replied to some of our questions before but he replied again last night to our photo commenting ‘ ‘I love a bit of celestial mechanics!’


Astronomy Club help spread the joy
This academic year has been a busy one for our Astronomy Club. The club has helped over 100 local Brownies, Cub Scouts and Scouts gain their stargazing/ astronomer activity badges. Between November and May we had visits from:
1st Ordsall Brownies
2nd Tuxford Cub Scouts
2nd Tuxford Scouts
7th Retford Cub Scouts
7th Retford  Scouts
1st Collingham Cub Scouts
With special thanks to our amazing Astro club members who were fantastic ambassadors of the school:
  • Isaac Bee
  • Christian Archer
  • Sam Barnett
  • Jack Bee
  • Josh White
  • Adam Taylor
  • Daisy Stringfellow
  • Alice Hopkins
  • Sarah Whitfield
Astronomy Club 31st January 2018
Our club welcomed StarLincs Planetarium and over 20 of 2nd Tuxford cub scouts to view the super, blue moon. All had a fantastic night.


Ordsall Brownie Pack Visit
Sixteen  Brownies from 1st Ordsall Brownie pack were joining our astronomy club this week  to complete their stargazing badge.  
Our students were fantastic ambassadors and led the sessions. 
Christian Archer - Showed Brownies how to use a pair of binoculars effectively.
Sam Barnett and Jack Bee - Gave a presentation to students about the planets.
Isaac Bee - Gave a presentation to students about stargazing in good conditions.
Alice Hopkins - Gave a presentation to students about The Moon.
Heather Barber, Fife Maddison, Ashley Hope, Dominic Littlewood, Oliver Osborne, Lillian Saari and Adam Taylor.
Thanks also to Frank Nichol and Jo Heathcote without whom the evening wouldn’t have been possible 
Miss M Tivey





On Monday, 9th May students and staff from the astronomy club watched the planet Mercury transit the face of the Sun.  The photo was taken at lunchtime at school.  The next time this will be seen in England is 2049!



Miss Bingham, one of our Higher Level TA's  in the ICT Faculty attends an Astrophotography  class. Recently Miss Bingham managed to capture the M42 Orion Nebula! The photo is amazing! Miss Bingham's photo has been included in their website;  Lincoln Astronomy website.
On the evening of Wednesday 18th June 2014, we used our new solar filter to safely look at the sun through one of our telescopes.
We viewed a number of sun spots. Daisy Stringfellow and Alice Hopkins took the photos.
Remember, NEVER look at the sun directly and NEVER look at the sun through a telescope without a solar filter.
To find out more about the recent visit by the Starlincs Planetarium:   
All ages, including sixth form are welcome.  No knowledge or experience is required, just an interest in astronomy.  We have 5 large reflector telescopes and number of binoculars for viewing the night sky.
We have various activities and trips planned for when it’s cloudy and have already successfully visited the Mansfield and Sutton observatory for a lecture on the solar system and viewed their telescope. 
Any queries, please see Miss Tivey, Mr Nichol or Mr Atherton.
To find out more about a recent trip to Sherwood Observatory, please click here written by Sam, one of the club members.



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