At KS3 all students receive one lesson per week in Dance. This is taught in our dance studios, equipped with mirrors, lights and specialist flooring. Students become equipped with key dance knowledge and understanding and develop choreographing skills in response to a number of exciting themes. We also nurture a respect and passion for the art form, looking at modern examples of dance. It is important to us that students are given the opportunity to flourish in this art form and we have a number of extracurricular activities to further develop dancers confidence and ability. Students work in a safe and positive environment and are encouraged to perform weekly to their class; they often volunteer to showcase their work at the end of each term in our Creative & Expressive Arts Showcase Evenings.

At KS4 and 5 students further develop their skills and knowledge by exploring a range of styles including Contemporary, Jazz and Urban Dance. Set works and choreography form a large part of the course, as well as a written element.

The Performing Dance unit is about rehearsing and performing choreographed dances. Students undertake regular classes, learn different styles, absorb choreography made by others, and rehearse and take part in performances.

The Jazz Unit is about developing Jazz dance skills, both for group and individual work. Students will produce and perform, demonstrating basic understanding of Jazz dance styles and technique.

The Urban Unit is about developing students’ knowledge of Urban dance styles. Students will explore the different styles available and acquire the underpinning knowledge of the basic physical and interpretive skills of these styles.

Evidence for all units will be generated through practical workshops, rehearsals, demonstrations and performances. Assessment of practical work will be in the form of live performances, DVD recordings and tutor observation and reports.

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