BTECs explained

BTEC Courses Explained 

We offer a range of BTEC courses at Tuxford Academy. 

On this page, you'll find helpful information regarding our BTEC courses, as well as changes to our delivery and assessment details. 

If you would like further information, please refer to the Parents Guide or contact Mrs Johnson by email on

BTEC Changes 

The way all BTEC courses are assessed has changed from September 2014. In summary, these changes have been made: 

  1. To define how teachers and tutors should give feedback 
  2. To define how learners should work independently to create their own authentic evidence 
  3. To tighten up on submission, resubmission and retakes   

How do these rules affect our students? 

  • The new rules apply to all new learners as of September 2014, whether studying level 2 or level 3
  • Assignments will only be given once students have covered all of the theory and are ready to complete the assignment and be assessed. No specific feedback can be given to the student whilst working on their assignment. Teachers can, however, give guidance on the assignment brief and lesson materials
  • Grades will not be confirmed until the assessment is complete. Students will not be able to improve upon this grade, so they must concentrate on getting it right the first time
  • A resubmission will only be authorised if they met the first deadline, and the teacher believes that they can improve without further guidance. Failure to meet deadlines will result in the failure of that piece of work, unless there are extraneous circumstances e.g. certified illness, family bereavement etc. Individual staff cannot decide to let a student resubmit work; this decision must go through the Lead Internal Verifier for the course
  • If a resubmission is authorised, it must be completed and handed in within 10 working days

Changes to Level 2 BTEC 

As well as the new assessment rules outlined above, the big change to level 2 specifically relates to the introduction of external assessments (an exam) for core units. Up to 25% of a BTEC course can be externally assessed, varying from an online exam to a written paper - these will be under exam conditions.  

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