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Tuxford Academy is an Artsmark Gold school.  


This national accreditation acknowledges excellent arts provision across the wider school.  


The experiences our students receive in Art, Dance, Music and Drama are noted as some of the best in the country.








Recent CEA pupil perception surveys discovered that 71% feel that CEA has helped improve their confidence and self-esteem.


Comments from students include:

  • Because in drama you get to come out of your shell a bit more than usual. I never used to be able to stand up and express myself in drama although now I feel I can.
  • Yes and music helps me play the piano in front of the class which boosts my confidence up.
  • To show what you can do.
  • Yes and music helps me play the piano in front of the class which boosts my confidence up.
  • Because we are all involved.
  • Because we are talking in front of the class sometimes.
  • Because I feel more confident knowing more stuff in music, drama, contextual studies and art You have to go outside your comfort zone in creative arts, it improves your confidence.
  • Because in CEA lessons you get to meet different people in your groups and you get to know them.
  • They encourage you and respect you.
  • As it is the one thing that I can be myself, so I now that what I do is unique. Also I feel I am not bad at creative arts.
  • Because the teachers help you with your confidence.
  • It helps me to express myself and I don’t feel silly in drama anymore because I am not the only one who looks silly!
  • Because you express your feelings.
  • Because I can have fun while learning at the same time.
  • I am trying new things.
  • Because you can never say something wrong.
  • Because I do drama and if everybody else is confident then I am.
  • Because in drama if you make a bit of a fool of yourself it is ok and no one makes fun of you.
  • Because we feel more confidence in speaking to people and showing people things and explaining them.

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