Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)

Tuxford Academy has a planned program of CEIAG, in accordance with the DFE Careers guidance and inspiration in schools. The program ensures all students have opportunities to recognise their own strengths and values and take responsibility for developing employability skills.

What is CEIAG?

Careers Information provides access to up-to-date impartial information relating to educational and training opportunities, to inform career planning and future employment.

Careers Advice and Guidance is the provision of impartial student-centred, advice and guidance, to assist students making appropriate career decisions and choices, which are informed and well thought through and is the responsibility of all staff to help students secure their appropriate pathway(s). It enables students to apply their knowledge, understanding, skills and experiences to manage their career and make informed decisions about their education, training or employment. Good CEIAG promotes all future pathways and routes to all students impartially.

Advice in school

Our CEIAG advisor and Work Related Learning Leader, Mrs Johnson, is available most days in school. Students from any year can use the informal drop in service at break, lunchtime and after school. The Careers Room is located in the Trent Winter Gardens – opposite the PE office. Appointment requests from Tutors can be emailed directly to Mrs Packham:


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