Chess Club, Go and Scrabble Club meet every lunchtime in H10 from 1pm until 1.45pm.  

One way in which we encourage all of our students to stretch and challenge themselves, including our more able students, is through Chess Club, Go and Scrabble Club.

Chess Club

Chess Club encourages our students to consider strategy and long-term planning. We have traditional 2 person chess boards but we also have 3-way chess sets (for 3 players) and 4 way chess sets (for 4 players).

Every year we enter our students into the annual Delancey UK Schools’ Chess Challenge.

In May 2017, Sam Barnett in year 9 made it through to the Megafinal held in  Nottingham. This is the eighth year we have sent students to compete the best chess players from other local schools. Although Sam didn’t make it into the next stage of the competition he was a true ambassador of the school. Well done Sam!

Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge

To read the chess challenge report - please click here.


Go Club

We have a Go board which are students regularly play at lunchtime. This is an ancient game of strategy invented by the Chinese over 2,500 years ago.

The rules are simple but the game itself is complex: ‘it has more possibilities than the total number of atoms in the visible universe!’

Interested in a challenge? Then join us every lunchtime in H10


Scrabble Club

Love words? Then you need to visit H10 at lunchtime to play Scrabble. We have several boards and lots of willing players.



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