About the service

Tuxford Academy counselling service is for all students at Tuxford Academy.  Students can bring any issue to counselling, there is nothing too big or too small.  The counsellor is trained to work with many issues young people face today including anxiety, loss, separation, anger, relationship problems and fears.  The counselling room is located in Inclusion.  

Referral Procedure

Anyone can make a referral to the school counsellor.  Students may choose to refer themselves.  Parents, teachers or students can refer others.  This can be done by filling out a referral form and handing it in to the school counsellor or posting it in the post box outside the counselling room.  


Counselling is confidential.  All information shared in the counselling room will be treated in a discreet manner.  However, the counsellor may need to share some information with other members of staff if they feel that the safety of the student or another person is at risk.  The student will be informed before this is done.  

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