Creative and Expressive Arts

Creative and expressive arts faculty vision
The creative and expressive arts faculty at Tuxford Academy strives to provide a high quality arts education for all students through a specialist and combined curriculum. We aim to nurture and develop students so that they enter the wider world as academically, morally and socially enriched young people.
As well as solid qualifications, students will acquire an appreciation and affection for the arts which will continue to enrich their lives. We believe that creative arts can develop students to become cooperative, responsible, independent and reflective individuals. Learning through the arts at Tuxford will ultimately prepare them to make a positive contribution to wider society. 
We believe that:
  • everybody has the potential to be brilliant; it is our duty to nurture the brilliance within each student
  • individuality should be celebrated
  • creativity fosters respect, innovation, cooperation and tolerance
  • the arts equips students to articulate difficult thoughts and feelings in a safe way
  • all students deserve to experience success in the arts
  • each individual will develop skills, knowledge and understanding through an innovative, unique and inspiring arts experience in music, dance, drama and visual arts
  • the arts develops a range of skills necessary to become academically and socially successful

As advocates for the creative and expressive arts, the core values we uphold are:

  • recognition: we value achievement
  • motivation: this is intrinsic to our success
  • resilience: we are prepared for change and challenge
  • transparency: our purpose is clear
  • emotional intelligence: we value and understand others 

As a faculty, we take our roles as leaders of innovation and engagement in the arts very seriously. We are committed to these beliefs and our provision and teaching are planned to reflect them. 

We are committed to:

  • compassion and passion
  • developing a ‘can do’ ethos
  • equality of opportunity
  • high levels of cooperation
  • honesty and openness
  • hope, commitment and faithfulness
  • inclusivity
  • mutual respect
  • ongoing improvement
  • raising expectations
  • reaching our full potential
  • supporting others
  • working together for the benefit of all 

We will:

  • be prepared to change our mind
  • challenge the issue, not the person
  • encourage imagination, resourcefulness and responsibility
  • learn from our mistakes
  • listen to and learn from others 

We will not tolerate:

  • bullying
  • complacency
  • defensiveness
  • dishonesty
  • manipulation
  • negativity
  • secretiveness
  • selfishness 

The faculty seeks to provide a stimulating learning environment in which high levels of visual enquiry, understanding, research and development of artistic ability are encouraged.

It is intended that all students, whatever their ability, should benefit from and enjoy the experience of working in this area. There is a positive enthusiastic approach to teaching and high expectations in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Provision will be organised in the following areas and in the following ways...


Well-planned schemes of work, which facilitate:

  • student diversity
  • creativity
  • continuity
  • development of key skills in the arts
  • AFL (Assessment for Learning) peer and self-assessment
  • access to a wide range of arts experiences
  • integration of art forms
  • self study techniques
  • success in arts qualifications

Extra curricular

Focused extra curricular activities which:

  • match ability to need
  • develop key skills through a progressive scheme of activities
  • foster performance experience

Arts in the community

Access to professional arts experiences for pupils and the wider community, through:

  • involvement in the Village Ventures programme
  • trips to appropriate arts-based performances and events
  • employment of professional artists to work in school via the provision of masterclasses

Our multimedia hub

One in twelve jobs in the UK are in the creative industries. With thanks to support from our governors, we were able to build facilities to help us offer a wider range of creative qualifications and skills for those wishing to pursue a career in the creative sector. 


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