Curriculum Day 2 - Wednesday 15th March
  • Y7/Y8 – Humanities Day with Holocaust survivor guest speakers 
  • Y9 – Enterprise Day 
  • Y10 – 153 on ‘Big Bang’ Science enrichment trip at the NEC; 84 in school having 4 science lessons; 1 English +1 Maths;
  • Y11 – English and Maths 
  • Y12 – Bespoke sessions
  • Y13 – Home study leave and school study for selected students

Year 7 students

Year 7 and 8 students with the holocaust survivor


Year 9 students



Enrichment, Independence, Creativity, Employability and Success
Why does Tuxford have Curriculum Days?               
Curriculum Day  (Click on the link to view a Powerpoint presentation)       


Year 10 Health Day survey - click here for the link to a survey



Thursday 25 February 2016
The Curriculum Day on Thursday 25th February was another unique and enjoyable experience at Tuxford Academy. 
Years 7 and 8 experienced a unique theatre-production about the Tour de France and designed and created their own Arc de Triomphe as well as learning sign-language and braille.  Click here to find out more.
Year 9 were involved in ‘Enterprise Day’ and benefitted from  a number of external speakers with a focus on decision-making and economic planning. 
Year 10 had a whole-day of bespoke Science input 
Year 11 were able to gain valuable mock exam experiences in English and Maths in preparation for their Summer GCSE exams. 
Year 12/13 had access to a number of talks focused on stress management, financial management and revision techniques as well as a number of enrichment activities such as an A2 History trip to London, AS English trip to Howarth, AS Baklavor trip, AS/A2 Social Sciences trip to Nottingham Galleries of Justice and an AS/A2 London art trip. The students’ superb behaviour and engagement were commented upon by the external Enterprise Day providers and all the students thoroughly enjoyed their enrichment trips to London and elsewhere. Another, interesting and rewarding day at the Tuxford Academy.

Year 7 Student Well Being Day
The annual Year 7 Student Well Being Day which has been run at school for the last 3 years.
This year it was called British Values & Student Well Being Day.  This year we had the following guest speakers- 
School Nurse                           
Substance Misuse  
St John Ambulance                  
Basic First Aid
Road Safety                              
Safety Awareness
Self Esteem
Sarah Bingham/Jason Steel
Importance of Exercise
Frank Nichol
British Values  
This was the first time British Values had been included in one of our Curriculum days. The whole day was very successful and enjoyed by students and staff.

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