DALP is a group of academies committed to development and improvement through collaboration and partnership.

DALP was formed in September 2011 from what was then called the National, Tuxford, Oaks Learning Community.  Members now include Tuxford Academy (a National Support  School  and Teaching School), Retford Oaks Academy, East Leake Academy, The National C of E Academy, Tuxford Primary Academy and The Holgate Academy.  There are two trusts linked by a formal partnership agreement.  The Diverse Academies Trust is a multi academy trust and has responsibility for Tuxford, Retford Oaks, East Leake, Tuxford Primary and The Holgate Academy.  The National Academy is in a single academy trust due to its designation as a Church of England Academy. 

There are also direct links to the individual websites of each academy on the right hand side of this page.

My remit is to lead the growth and development of DALP as its Chief Executive and to fulfil the role of Executive Principal across the academies working closely with the Principals. Developing and maintaining the highest possible standards and quality of education are of paramount importance to me.

Our core focus is the achievement and development of each individual student.  We believe that this is best achieved through maintaining and developing each academy’s unique identity and individual characteristics.  However the sharing of existing good practice and the co development of new best practice is fundamental to the success of the academies.  It is for this reason that we have established a framework of core principles and practice to which all our academies subscribe.  We encourage diversity and recognise that high levels of success cannot be sustained by adopting a ‘one size fits all’ model. 

C B Pickering

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