Curriculum Overview


Students focus on developing skills through creative schemes of work. As appropriate, each module includes assessment points for Writing, Reading and Speaking and Listening. Students are graded to support mastery of skills and a grid can be viewed here which explains what students are expected to be able to do at each grade.

Grade grids - click on each title to download a copy

Life without levels progress reading grid

Life without levels writing grid

Students follow a planned programme of study and this can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Teachers use their discretion to judge the exact pace and content of these modules dependent on each group and their needs.


Programmes of study - click on each title to download a copy

Y7 Scheme of Work

Y8 Scheme of Work

Y9 Scheme of Work


What can you do to support your child?

  • Reading at home is essential. Help your child to select a book on a regular basis – their class teacher can help to recommended titles
  • Develop Higher Order Thinking Skills through discussion of news and current affairs.
  • Encourage your child to visit some of the revision and independent learning sites listed below.

Useful Sites for Independent Learning – useful for supporting core accuracy skills. - English pages.  



New GCSE specification from September 2015 for examination 2017

All students will study two GCSEs English Literature and English Language.There will be no tiers of entry from examinations in 2017.

In Year 10 there is a focus on the Literature set texts so that students can revisit and revise over the two years in preparation for the Literature examination at the end of Year 11 *.

In Year 11  there is much more focus on the skills for the English Language examination.

Throughout the two years students will be developing their accuracy of written expression and speaking and listening to ensure that they are well prepared for examination at the end of Year 11.  SPAG - spelling, punctuation and grammar now makes up 20% of the final English Language examination

100% examination at the end of Year 11

Y10 GCSE Programme of Study - click here to download 

Y11 GCSE Programme of Study - click here to download


* Modules of study are subject to change.



Useful Sites for Revision and Independent Learning



KS5 - Post 16

At Tuxford we offer English Language and English Literature subjects at A level. For more information please see the Post 16 Prospectus

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