Extended Services are provided to all children and their families, in the Tuxford Family of Schools.  Activities are planned in order to provide a wider range of positive opportunities for our young people, whilst also encouraging them to reach their very highest potential.

This school year we are focussing on a ‘listening’ theme and will be arranging providers to come in to school to help the children develop their active listening skills. The children will be taking part in film/media workshop, being inspired by a local poet, making music with a drumming musician and also learning some sign-language.

Getting professionals in to school to work with the children has been tremendously enjoyable and fulfilling for the children who take part. Last year we are proud to say that virtually every child (over 700!) within the family of schools took part in a Writing Workshop and took a giant step forward in becoming creative writers. To illustrate, here are some of the children’s comments:

“My story is awesome. Writing doesn’t have to be hard.”        
Year 3 pupil

“Can we do it again? I like writing in different ways.”           
Year 1 pupil

Our key aims are:

Provide a Safe Place to Be
We have set up ‘The Hub’ at Tuxford Academy, which is a free after school club for students to do homework, learn new skills or have fun from the end of school to 5pm.

We have also funded teacher/TA led counselling training in the majority of our primary schools to support children with emotional issues.

Provide a Varied Menu for children 
The ES programme includes a wide variety of After School Club activities, including Gardening, Cooking and Sports Clubs. We also work closely with the Sports Partnership to get our children involved in sports and arts related festivals and competitions and provide access to high level coaches for sporting activities.

To increase parental involvement
We provide information and opportunities on Adult and Family Learning and encourage parental engagement in school activities. We recently ran a ‘Safety on the Internet course for parents and children focussing on how to use the internet safety and responsibly when using social networking sites. We also have several Adult and Family Learning opportunities coming up including ‘Helping with Homework’, Paediatric First Aid and an Allotment/Gardening Club – please see newsletter or website for further details.

Extended Services Ethos
‘Providing positive activities and early intervention/prevention work, rather than offering targeted services'




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