The academic structure within Tuxford Academy is based around the faculty. Subject teachers work in faculty teams and the management structure of each faculty has evolved over recent years to provide specialist leaders.

Each faculty has the following areas of responsibility:

  • Director of Faculty/Head of Faculty. Responsible for the overall performance of the faculty
  • Progress Leader. Responsible for student achievement
  • Curriculum Leader. Responsible for the organisation of learning

All faculties have a Faculty Support Assistant who offers help with student supervision, displays, administration, record keeping etc.  To find out more about our FSA team, click here

Our teams of Teaching Assistants are also faculty based and three faculties employ additional technical staff or instructors.

In this section, you will find information from each faculty about the following:

  • a brief overview of the work of the faculty
  • staff working in the faculty
  • courses, schemes of work, and syllabus details
  • news and events from the faculty

Click on each faculty name on the left and then click to the right hand side to look at more details such as staff, curriculum, news and events.

In this section