Feedback from parents and visitors

As an academy we often ask for feedback after an event whether it is an open evening, coffee morning, visiting speakers for students or training events for staff.  Over the coming months, we will continue to add feedback from events.

Sometimes we receive unexpected feedback from parents via a letter or an email. 

Feedback from our recent Y9 Pathways Evening

Dear All,

I wanted to thank everyone involved for all the hard work that clearly went into making (for us) a very successful evening. I was  particularly impressed with the variety of choices on offer.

We took a teenager who had a list of  No's  and  came home with  an excited, enthusiastic young adult, having made some mature decisions for her future.  She  took the time at home to review them as she was torn, but read the information pack provided,  and  was  pleased ( as are we) with her choices.

It is an amazing achievement to turn a child around in one evening so you should be proud of your efforts. Thank you again to all the teachers who took the time to talk so enthusiastically about the subjects they offered.

Kind Regards

 A P


Re GCSE English resit results Nov 2016

Fantastic news! Please pass on my thanks to the academy for their support of Alex. He now has 10 GCSE's including 5 B's and an A.

We' d like to express our most sincere gratitude to Tuxford for the excellent tuition, support and mentoring.  Alex is now studying at college and working as he begins his career.

Please pass on our special thanks to Mr Hutchinson who really knew how to inspire Alex and get the best from him.

Very best regards,




Feedback from our recent Open Evening via Twitter or emails


Morning Dave,

Just wanted to say how impressed we were with your open evening last week. A school is not about data and figures but the people within it and you have excellent students and very positive, talented staff. I wanted to mention one member of the science team who was particularly engaging with my boys. I tried to get her name but she was young with long dark hair and doing the lungs experiment. Everything a teacher should be in a 5 minute snapshot, impressive.


Campsmount Academy



"@TuxfordAcademy Amazing and inspiring open evening at Tuxford Academy. Well done to all the pupils helping out on the night."

"@TuxfordAcademy fantastic evening thanks. Twins can't wait to get there!"

"@TuxfordAcademy fantastic open evening spent a brill 3 hours & another hour just talking about all the things we saw & experienced - thanku"


"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all the staff for an amazing Open Evening yesterday.  The positive vibe in school was fabulous, your students were polite and enthusiastic, the activities highly engaging and staff really positive and wonderfully inspiring with both visitors and pupils.

The overall feedback from Wheatley parents is  'Wow', not a single negative apart from fears that their children won't get in.

A huge thank you to everyone who organised the evening, school looked and is truly outstanding.

I hope you all have a restful weekend"


Joanna Hall


North Wheatley C of E Primary School





"Dear Dave

On behalf of the governors , our thanks to all the staff who were on their feet talking to the record number of parents who attended the open evening evening tonight. They were all impressive, including the pupils who demonstrated and gave speeches. After a full day at work they were all keen, enthusiastic and a credit to Tuxford Academy even at 8pm at night. I continue to be amazed by the stamina and commitment of staff. A brilliant team. Thank you Ingrid "


One of our Travel Wright bus drivers took the trouble to show me his spotlessly clean bus, on both floors, after bringing our students to school a couple of days ago. “Just wanted to let you know how good your kids are” he said. 

The driver went on to tell me that every birthday he brought chocolates for our students on the bus, wisely he did add “I make sure I give them the chocolates as they get off”. He then recounted a story from last week when he, having discovered a student was having a panic attack on the top deck, he drove the child home safely, not just home but to the front door!  On returning to the school bus he received a round of applause and cheers from a packed bus of students who, having witnessed his kind gesture, wanted to show their support. The parents of the student have since written a letter of thanks. 

He also said that he drove school buses at other establishments and that our students are the best. 

Lyndon Stocks


Tuxford Academy is proud to work with Trent Valley Teaching School Alliance, whom regularly coordinate  training programmes. Recently they held a very successful event for Teaching Assistants which received excellent feedback as shown here

 ·        “the school is so calm, both in the classrooms and in the corridors”

 ·        “the level of behaviour we have witnessed is exceptional”

·        “my daughter has just started Y7 and I went home after day 1 absolutely buzzing with excitement- what a fantastic environment to learn in”

·        “it really feels like you cater for all your children here. The garden areas are wonderful and provide opportunities for more vulnerable children to work 1:1”

·        “I was very surprised at how tidy the school and the grounds are. We have hardly seen a drop of litter”

·        “pupils were very accepting of us wandering in to their classrooms and talked openly about what they were learning”  


Subject:  Vocational Education Information Evening

I would just like to say a big thank you for organising last night, Hannah had no idea what was available and last night has really given her something to think about, we had no idea what’s out there and my wife and I feel these evenings are extremely valuable to help students aware what is available, (we both wished we were back at school with so many choices and opportunities!)

Many thanks again

Mr & Mrs W   (Y9 student) 


Here is one recent email received from a Year 10 parent:  

14 December 2015

Dear Mr. Cotton,  

As my daughter Daisy comes to the end of her first term of the 2 years of working towards GCSEs I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the way everything has been structured including homework.  Thanks to your agreement and Mr. Atherton's generosity of time, Daisy  has also been able to study for the additional GCSE in Astronomy.   
A considerable amount of Daisy's time away from school is centred around homework, however, she has been able to continue with her other interests, extra curricular clubs and commitment to voluntary work.   
I am the Chair of Governors of St. Joseph's Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy in Retford and know how the benefits of homework and creating the correct balance are important from an early age.   
I am more than happy for my comments to be shared should you wish to do so.  I realise that communication supporting the quality of what is offered is rare without there being a trigger, I simply wanted to say thank you.  I have a child who has a fantastic attitude to learning, is highly motivated and relishes the challenges provided. 
In my view the transition to Year 10 including the quantity of homework has been just right.
With my best wishes for a restful Christmas break. 
Kind regards   
Marie Stringfellow 




‘Student Voice Conference’


I attended the ‘Student Voice Conference’ in the morning of the 15th December 2015, which was held in the Hub and was attended by the ‘College Presidents’, and a cross section of representatives from the student body, staff and senior managers, and included myself on behalf of the governors and the Principal.

The meeting was brilliantly ‘chaired’ by one of the College Presidents and it is to be noted that the level of discussion, Q&A, thoughtfulness and sensible comment was a credit to the academy and the students who contributed.   

We discussed many issues – including the new build; proposals for upgrading the toilet facilities and school uniform.  The debate was at times ‘lively’, (one of the topics proved controversial to some) but the chair allowed full and frank debate whilst maintaining timeliness and order, and we finished ‘spot on time!’

I learned a lot!  

Revd Greg Price   


DALP Creative Arts Concert  

I attended the Annual DALP Creative Arts Concert at the Majestic Theatre, Retford on 15th December, 2015 as a governor representative at the matinee performance.  The Show was themed ‘The Big Top’ and over 200 young people from across the 6 Academies in the DALP network performed ‘all the fun of the fair’ in a variety of music, dance and acrobatic combinations and acts!  

Young people from the 5 Senior Academies and Tuxford Primary Academy thrilled the audience made up of invited guests, performers, staff and parents, and delivered the show with great gusto and excitement. 

The thing that made a lasting impression on me and several of the parents I spoke to, was that the young people fully supported each other from whichever academy they came, they cheered, stomped and clapped with vigour All the academy performances and it had a truly family feel to the day.  For me, it shows the importance of working together in events such as this and that ‘DALP students have Talent!’  It was very enjoyable and I look forward to next year! 

Revd Greg Price

Feedback forms received from the Post 16 Tutor Progress Evening on 4th February 2016 - click here

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