Gifted & Talented/More Able Students

Tuxford Academy is committed to developing the potential of every student. We believe that everyone has the right to be supported and challenged in order to reach their potential. We care for all our students equally, regardless of ability and encourage them to thrive.
The government asks schools to identify various groups of students and the more able are such a group. The provision for our more able students is all about equity.  Such students have a right to be educated according to their potential needs and abilities.  
It is important to recognise that our more able students are individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses. In order to support, stretch and challenge this group we have a register. This register is a working document and is updated.
Our more able students are identified using a number of measures for example CATs results, KS2 SATs results and primary school recommendations are used. In addition, for later years, faculties also identify our more able using criteria established by subjects and teachers; peer comparison (2 to 3 years ahead of peers) and talent identification (sport, music, drama, art and dance).
More able provision
The enhancement of learning opportunities for the more able group is part of ensuring that the needs of all of our students are met.
All students are encouraged and stretched academically in their lesson as we believe that 'a rising tide lifts all ships'. Additional support for more able students includes:
1. Challenge within lessons


Our more able students are encouraged to work through Higher Order Thinking (HOT) tasks and teachers extend this through questioning and differentiated homework. Our students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and help other students in their class.
2. Enrichment
Our students are encouraged to become independent, resilient leaders. All faculties are encouraged to provide suitable activities and opportunities outside of the classroom.
There are a number of whole school G & T/More Able clubs, such as chess club, go and scrabble club, debate club and astronomy club. Each academic year other opportunities are available at a faculty level, e.g. STEM competition and various university trips including trips to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and local Russell Group universities. Nevertheless, we strive to provide a range of opportunities and university trips for all our students not just our more able. 
To find out more about chess club, go and scrabble club please click here. 
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To find out more about astronomy club please click here.
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How can home help?
At Tuxford Academy we believe that learning does not just take place in the classroom. That is why we offer so many extra-curricular clubs and activities.
Parents and carers can also help their child flourish by encouraging them to:
  • Watch educational and current affairs programmes such as the news, nature programmes and documentaries.
  • Read a quality newspaper and discuss and debate topics they have read.
  • Listen to podcasts and engage with what they are saying. Oxbridge admissions officers emphasise the need to engage and critique such 'super curricular' resources as part of their successful admissions interview.
  • Be resilient and help them accept that they will be challenged at school and that is a good thing.
  • Listen to different types of music.
  • Visit places of cultural and educational interest particularly whilst on holiday such as nature reserves, art galleries and museums.
  • Explain what they have learned at school and in particular how they have learned (metacognition)
How can more able students challenge themselves?
  • The Russell Group universities, universities of Oxford and Cambridge and top employers want students who are intellectually curious as well as having good grades, resilience and independence.
  • Completing a MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) and reading relevant subject journals will help them achieve.
  • Attend an Oxbridge admissions evening at Tuxford Academy.
We are proud that Peterhouse College, from the University of Cambridge will be visiting our school in March 2019 to talk to Year 11 and 12 students and their parents and carers about the oxbridge admission process. Come along and ask questions.
We are pleased to share our more able successes at Post 16.  
In Autumn 2017, the following places were gained at Russell Group universities by Tuxford Academy Post 16 students.
Ancient History and Archaeology
Theatre and Performance
Bioveterinary Science
Tropical Disease Biology
Business Management
Journalism, Media and Culture
Geographic Information Science
Combined Honours -Triple
Aeronautics and Astronautics/Aerodynamics

Miss M Tivey

Leader of Gifted and Talented and Cross Curricular Skills/History


Hull University Visit June 2018

On Friday, 29 June 2018, 38 year 9 students visited Hull university. They had sessions on subject and university choices, a campus tour and learned about student finance and budgeting through a ‘Monopoly’ style board game. The students had an opportunity to work closely with Student ambassadors and had a fantastic, interactive day.

Sheffield University Visit June 2018

Miss Tivey took 30 year 11's to Sheffield University on 27 June 2018. The day gave them an insight ino university life and how to apply to a Russell Group university. They had a university tour, opportunities to speak to two law and one chemical engineering undergraduates as well as having talks on student finance and applications. The students found it really useful, one student commented 'The university trip was really inspiring and motivating and it reminded me why I would like to go to university and excites me for studying at university and for university life.' 

Celebrating Women in Maths Nottingham University June 2018

Mrs Hewitt took 14 top set students from Year 10 to the 'Celebrating women in maths' event held at Nottingham university on 27 June 2018. The day comprised of three sessions led by females, showed routes maths may lead to and how women incorporate maths in a typically male dominated subject. The students engaged in the workshops and listened to a lecture from a guest speaker Emily Grossman, who appears on television giving statistical explaining for events. The pupils were all very positive about the day and were very inspired by the speakers.


I really enjoyed going to Nottingham university to the maths day there. It was nice being taught by the students there and them telling us how they've used maths and involved it with other stuff they enjoy. I found the talk by Emma Grossman very useful and reassuring the way she explained that she never knew what she wanted to do but it didn't matter because you need to find out what you don't like to find out what you want to do. i liked the Rolls-Royce presentation because i liked working on fractles (something we had never done) and making sense of them on our own. It also gave me a better idea of what university lectures are like and what i might like to do there. Overall it was a very interesting and enjoyable experience.

Georgia Wagstaff, Year 10


University of Nottingham Visit June 2018

On Friday, 15 June 2018, 30 of our students visited the University of Nottingham. They learned about university life and had the opportunity to speak to 3 undergraduates. As well as having a campus tour our students were also able to look at some of the halls accommodation the university offers. During the day our students worked in teams and had the opportunity to experience how research, creativity and teamwork are important in succeeding in their studies. The sun shone and all students had an enjoyable and informative day.

The trip to Nottingham University campus was truely inspiring. From the innovative workshop to the extensive tour of facilities, student accommodation and the beautiful grounds, we experienced a snapshot of university life. needless to say, the excellent trip was valuable -giving us students an insight into our futures and showing us pathways into further education!

Jacob Macpherson, Year 10


Oxbridge Admissions Information Evening April 2018

On Wednesday, 18 April 2018 a number of our year 12 prospective Oxbridge applicants and their parents and carers attended an Oxbridge admissions evening at Minster School, Southwell.
Ellie from Peterhouse College, Cambridge discussed the applications process for both Oxford and Cambridge and helped myth bust the whole process. This was a follow up of the recent year 12 trip to Cambridge in March 2018.

Year 11 Oxbridge Admissions Evening Redhill Academy March 2018

A number of our high achieving year 11's and their families attended an Oxbridge evening at Redhill Academy on 14 March. A representative from Peterhouse College, Cambridge University explained how to make a successful Oxbridge application. There was also the opportunity to listen to two students who had recently successfully gone through the application and interview process. The whole evening was informative and motivational.

Cambridge University Visit March 2018

Ten year 12 students visited Peterhouse College, Cambridge University, the oldest college in Cambridge, to focus on the application process and to find out about applying to Oxbridge. They also had the opportunity to sit in on 2 lectures.

We attended Peterhouse college, cambridge, to gain an insight into what studying at oxbridge is like, as well as the application process. our day included a tour of the college, sample lectures and the chance to have our questions answered by students at cambridge. We also ate lunch in the main hall and explored a few parts of cambridge, which really gave us a feel of what it could be like to live there in the future. i definitely gained alot from the day and the admissions officers talk on the application process was very detailed and helpful. personally, i feel much more informed with regards to my future choices and what i can do to help my university application and found the trip very enjoyable.

Caitlin cook Year 12 


If you are capable of applying to a russell group university, you're capable of applying to oxbridge.

peterhouse college cambridge liason officer



it was an inspiring, motivational day.

Miss Tivey


Peterhouse College Cambridge Visit January 2018

On Tuesday, 30 January 2018, Miss Tivey took some Year 10 students to Peterhouse College, Cambridge for an 'aspirations day'.
Students enjoyed 2 lectures, a tour of the college and a careers talk and found it an informative, fun day.


Sheffield University Visit November 2017

On Wednesday 22 November 2017, a group of more able Tuxford Academy students had the opportunity to visit Russell group university Sheffield to find out about subject choices and university life. They had a campus tour with university student ambassadors and also got the opportunity to do a team presentation.

Nottingham University Visit July 2017

‘On Friday, 7 July 2017, 43 year 10 students visited one of our local Russell Group universities, University of Nottingham. During their visit they learned about different career pathways, worked as a team to promote a product, spoke to undergraduates and underwent a tour of the university facilities such as the Student Union, library, a lecture theatre and some of the halls of residence. It was a great opportunity for the students to experience a window into studying at a campus university.

 STEM Challenge

Nicola Albans, Tom Burd, Izzy Fountain-Bird, Beth Hall, Wilf Wright and Sam Yates took part in a STEM Challenge and won Best Overall Project! They competed against 13 other schools including the other DALP schools and took first place - a fantastic achievement.   
The project was called My School is an Island; this involved imagining Tuxford Academy had been moved to an island, researching the differences that would be needed to run an island school and implementing them. They worked incredibly hard to gather research, write a report, build a scale model and design a presentation to be given to a panel of judges. They looked very smart in the t-shirts they designed, gave a brilliant presentation and were very happy with their much deserved win!

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