Not to be missed geography trips!

Early in the Autumn Term. Tuxfords’ Year 11 Geographers visited the Holderness coast (known as one of the fastest eroding coastlines in Europe).  On this not to be missed trip they visited Hornsea and collected primary data in order to find out if the coastal protection strategies are effective. They also ate enough fish and chips to sink a ship!

Later in the day students visited the peaceful village of Mappleton three miles south of Hornsea, here students did further investigations.  Mappleton has an annual erosion rate of 2.9m per year and in 1991 £2 million pounds was spent on protecting the main coastal road.  

Just in case you fancy getting away from it in the future the students recommend:

Hornsea best sight:  Hornsea beach/promenade for fish, chips, ice cream, bucket, spade and other seaside paraphernalia (however a bit cold for swimming in the North Sea!).

Hornsea best place to eat:  Sullivan’s fish and chip shop.

Did you know:  Hornsea has the only fully retractable flag pole in the UK!




Click here to view the Humanities Homework Booklet for Year 7: Humanities Y7 Homework Booklet 2017

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