A strictly business trip to Alton Towers

Despite several decades as a theme park, Alton Towers still draws in the crowds, in no small way to the sophisticated marketing that it carries out.  It was to discover some of its business secrets that Year 10 Business and ICT students travelled to Alton Towers last term - honestly! The Business Studies students focused on Marketing at Alton Towers and within the Merlin Group; the ICT group learned how technology is used within the park. Of course it was only right, after the research and talks, that the students had the opportunity to see all of this in action.
Did you know…
  • only 3% of visitors to the park pay full price for their tickets
  • the original ‘Rollercoaster’ was dismantled because the computer that ran it was the size of a room and had no display screen.  If the ride broke down, engineers had to follow the electric cables to search for the problem.
  • there are hundreds of sensors on every ride that ensure safety – if any one sensor is triggered the ride is shut down
  • Alton Towers has bought the rights to the music which is played on the adverts and around the park.  It is called ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’?
  • the ride ‘Th13teen’ cost £15m to develop and build; Simon Cowell’s ex-bodyguard was employed to protect the secrets of Th13teen before it was launched
  • based on feedback from customers, Nemesis Sub-Terror was closed for a week in order to make improvements
  • 3 short adverts played throughout one commercial break are called ‘blipverts'.


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