Business, Computing and ICT

At Tuxford Academy we recognise and value the role ICT and business can play in enhancing the teaching and learning across all subjects.  Cross-curricular links allow the students to see the wider applications of the skills and concepts learned. 

Regardless of ability, ICT is an accessible subject that affords individuals greater access to education and the jobs market in the future. We encourage students to showcase their creative talents as they build up skills in software as it would be used in real world environments. For example, students develop websites, use sequencing programmes to create animations and games, and utilise media applications to make movies.

Business studies is a dynamic subject which allows students to gain an understanding of organisations and the environments in which they operate. It also gives students the opportunity to develop their enterprise skills. Since most of our students will eventually either run their own businesses or work in other businesses, this subject has relevance for all individuals. Budgeting and personal finances are essential skills, benefiting everyone.

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