We believe all our students should receive first class Teaching and Learning which is fundamental to students’ success.

In January 2015 our governors supported the purchase of IRISCONNECT. This video based professional development tool will enable our staff to record their teaching in order to self- reflect, analyse and share best practice.  This technology is used by over 2000 schools in the UK and is a proven tool for coaching teachers to improve standards of teaching and learning. 

All of the video recorded is stored on a secure cloud server facilitated by IRISCONNECT.  For more information on the security please click here.

Videos will be stored on the cloud whilst Tuxford Academy maintains a contract with IRISCONNECT. On termination of the contract all video will be deleted. If a teacher leaves the employment of the school their licence will be removed and the video deleted from the cloud. 

Videos created using the IRISCONNECT system will not be published or used outside of the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership without permission of the parents of the children involved in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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