Internships and Apprenticeships at Tuxford Academy



We have two types of internship:  one for adults from outside Tuxford Academy and one for our Post 16 students.  The objectives of the internships are to provide all Interns with a genuine learning experience, opportunities to achieve and professional standards in all areas.   We treat all volunteers with respect and undertake our responsibilities to them fairly.  We recognise that each offers unique qualities and has his or her own needs for support.  
Adult interns generally approach the academy seeking an opportunity for work experience.  This is often done through an existing member of staff.  Post 16 interns are generally nominated by a member of the teaching staff in order to support their learning and personal development.   
The design of the internships is bespoke depending on the need of individual interns and what we can accommodate.  They have varied from two weeks to six months.  Individuals have a diverse range of objectives from building confidence after maternity leave, work placement hours in order to qualify for a degree course, trying out a new career or developing personal and work skills before leaving school.   
What are the benefits?   
The benefits to interns have included:   
  • Increased confidence 
  • Used the internship to gain a reference to improve employment prospects 
  • Moving from intern status to employed status with Tuxford Academy 
  • Better understanding of the world of work including expectations of punctuality, personal appearance, organisational skills structures, customer service skills, use of the telephone
  • Attended training such as First Aid, Inset days and CPD opportunities   
The benefits to Tuxford Academy have included:   
  • Pre-recruitment trial 
  • Better employability prospects for Post 16 student 
  • Interns make a contribution to delivering the Academy workload 
  • Help deliver corporate social responsibility 
  • Engagement of staff through job satisfaction from helping interns   
The objectives of apprenticeships is to:  
  • Meet our recruitment needs 
  • Support people in our community   
To date we have worked with two training providers, Consortium and Dukeries.  They support us in designing the apprenticeships to meet the qualification requirements and our work requirements.  
Vacancies are advertised on our web site, by the training provider and on the national apprentice website.  We have tried a number of application processes and currently applicants apply directly to Tuxford Academy.  The apprentice is selected through an interview process (as per our normal employment procedures).  Apprentices have specific rate of pay (£6.35ph which is above the apprenticeship rate but below the rate for the job.  Apprentices are treated as an employee with induction, performance management, conditions, as per normal employees.  Time is allocated for the apprentices to do coursework which is allocated by an external tutor provided by the training provider.  Some apprentices attend college once a week.  They are assessed periodically and work towards the apprentice qualification.  Duration of the programme depends on the role.   
What are the benefits?   
The benefits to apprentices have included:   
  • Gaining employment 
  • Gaining knowledge and skills
  • Gaining a qualification   
The benefits to Tuxford Academy have included:  
  • Filled a recruitment gap 
  • Help deliver corporate social responsibility   
We expect to continue to provide internships and apprenticeships as opportunities arise and apply the lessons learnt.  


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