Investors in Pupils

Tuxford Academy is proud to announce that the ‘Investors in Pupils Award (IIP)’, a National Quality Mark, has now been launched to all students at the Academy. This programme focuses on developing each individual student’s understanding of the role they play in their own future and in the future success of the academy.

The aims of the scheme are:

  • To develop Pupil Voice and Participation in decision making
  • To improve pupil understanding of:
    • their own learning process
    • the use of target-setting
    • staff and governor roles and responsibilities
    • school finance and how it affects their education
    • taking responsibility for good behaviour and attendance
  • To develop useful induction processes for anyone new to the school community
  • To give pupils the opportunities to take and develop more responsibilities within their class/group/school
  • To further develop incentives and rewards to encourage and celebrate all forms of achievement.

IIP - Latest News

To find out more about how our academy is working towards IIP please click the links below.  These are examples of the work that each college has been completed so far.

Willow College welcome pack please click here

Willow College presentation please click here

Learning Team visions

Please click here for guidance notes which helped our students to create their own visions

Ash College Tutor Group visions

Beech College Tutor Group visions

Oak College Tutor Group visions

Willow College Tutor Group visions

'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'

Recently during tutor time, some of the Tutor Groups played a game called 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?'. They used Tuxford's version to test their knowledge on a few facts about the Academy. Please click here to view part of the game.

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