Learning Resource Centre

Learning Resource Centre Manager:

Mrs J Wright
(Works varied days)

Learning Resource Centre Assistant:

Mrs G Chadbourne
(Currently on leave)

Learning Resource Centre Assistant:

Mr G Curry
(Currently works Wednesdays)

The Learning Resource Centre provides a supervised quiet haven for study and concentration for Post 16 students throughout the day. The LRC is open to other year groups for homework and study during break and lunchtime.

A range of services are offered to all students including printing, scanning and photocopying.
It is also staffed by Post 16 students and adult mentors who work on a one to one basis with students who need extra support: Mr J Cooper, Senior Mentor and Mrs E Hudson-Cave, Learning Mentor.  
Opening Hours: 8.30am until 4pm, Monday to Friday
Mission Statement
Meeting the needs of today's and tomorrow's learners by promoting independent study skills, encouraging academic progress and providing high quality resources, in an environment conducive to study.
Read for Good and sponsored Readathon Spring 2018
The Learning resource centre and the English faculty has jointly organised two reading initiatives this Spring at Tuxford Academy.
Aimed at year 7's and year 8's both initiatives run from World Book Day, March 1 through to Wednesday April 18th  2018.
More information can be found at readforgood.org
Letters have been sent out to parents explaining how these will run. To view this please click the link below:
Alongside the Readathon we are also running an Extreme Photo Competition. 


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