We strongly believe in preparing our Post 16 students for life. Our students leave the academy with both the education and preparation to succeed at some of the top universities in the country.

A combination of excellent grades, mature/rounded personality and leadership skills are at the forefront for our Post 16 - in preparation for the important next stage in their lives.
Opportunities to gain these qualities are abundant at Tuxford Academy.  We encourage engagement and experience in; leadership programmes, internships and both work experience and community work - as a valuable part of our students’ experience whilst at the academy.
The academy also offers a range of enrichment courses that provide students with valuable skills such as team work, strategic thinking and organizational skills. Our Extended Project enables students to think outside the box, nurturing higher level thinkers and sought after young adults.

[P16] Teachers nurture academic curiosity and promote excellence; students readily engage in whole-class discussions on controversial and sensitive issues, and relish the chance to demonstrate their grasp of intellectual terminology and newly acquired concepts’. 

ofsted inspector 2012



We are extremely proud of all our Post 16 students. 
To view a Powerpoint Presentation about some of our successful past students please click here  




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