Year 7 

All students study Spanish and receive 3 lessons per week. We follow the MFL framework and use the ¡ Mira ! course supplemented by other online and interactive resources. Each skill of Listening, Reading , Writing and Speaking is assessed regularly. 


Year 8 and 9 

All students currently study 2 languages, French with either Spanish or German and receive two lessons a week of each language. The courses followed are Expo for French and Echo for German. As in Year 7, all 4 skills are tested regularly.  


Year 10 

Students are studying for the new GCSE courses following the AQA syllabus which covers a wide range of topics under the following themes; Identity and Culture Local, National, International and Global areas of interest Current and Future study and employment All exams are now at the end of Year 11.


Year 11 

Students are following the outgoing AQA syllabus and they study a variety of topics such as ; Lifestyle Leisure Home and environment Work and education The speaking and writing elements are Controlled Assessments completed during Years 10 and 11 and the Listening and Reading are terminal exams conducted at the end of Year 11.


Year 12 French and Spanish 

Students are now following the new AQA syllabus and cover the following topics using the Kerboodle online course supplemented with a text book. 



  • The changing nature of the family 
  • The “cyber society” 
  • The place of voluntary work 
  • A culture proud of it’s heritage 
  • Contemporary French Music 
  • Cinema; the 7th art form 
  • A book or a film study 



  • Modern and Traditional Values 
  • Cyberspace 
  • Equal rights 
  • Modern day Idols 
  • Spanish regional identity 
  • Cultural Heritage 
  • A book or a film study 


Year 13 

Students are taught French and Spanish following the outgoing AQA syllabus. They study the following topics using the Kerboodle online course supplemented by a text book 

  • The Environment 
  • The Multi cultural Society 
  • Contemporary social issues 
  • A cultural topic – either the study of an area of France or Spain, a period of 20th Century History from the target language country, the study of a book or a film or the study of a director/architect/artist/musician from the target language community.  


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