The maths faculty belives that every child matters and we aim to provide study programmes which meet the needs of the student and are student-centred to enable the greatest progression.

It is our aim to encourage students to develop enquiring minds, capable of independent thought, and encourage them to participate in a range of learning styles and experiences in order to enjoy mathematics.

We enable students to appreciate the mathematics around them and make links across the curriculum. We aim to give students relevant skills for society and to provide a platform for further study.


We seek to provide students with the ability to:

  • recall number and algebra skills and then apply them to real-life practical situations
  • identify appropriate data handling, space and shape skills applicable to real-life practical situations
  • explain and describe what they see in patterns and sequences
  • demonstrate their understanding by analysing the appropriate data and illustrating results in a mathematical context
  • use functions, formulae, equations and inequalities in mathematical concepts and then employ differentiated methods to solve or illustrate their findings
  • develop their thinking and learning of the maths about them both appraising the techniques required and justifying their use

Extra curricular

  • students in year 7 visit Sherwood Pines and experience mathematics in a forest environment
  • a gifted and talented programme identifies students and opportunities are given to explore mathematics beyond the classroom

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