Tuxford Academy welcomes Chinese Teachers – Ni Hao! 

On Wednesday 4 November Tuxford Academy welcomed two teachers from Shanghai as part of an exchange project funded by the Department for Education (DfE).

Mr Yang and Miss Jinn arrived at the school to a warm welcome from students who had been learning a few Chinese phrases in preparation for meeting them.   

During the 3 week visit Mr Yang and Miss Jinn will partner our Maths Teachers at Tuxford Academy to demonstrate some of the elements of Shanghai maths teaching, which has proved so effective in helping school pupils in Shanghai, reach high levels of attainment.   
Our students showed great enthusiasm for learning some of the Chinese language and we know they will embrace the opportunity to experience some new teaching methods for a few weeks.

Back in September this year Miss Orange and Miss Barlow visited Shanghai as part of the exchange programme.  "We enjoyed a very busy exchange visit where we observed teaching. Every day school life starts at 8am with a morning exercise – performed by the whole school. Class sizes are larger than in Tuxford Academy and pupils seem to have a great enthusiasm and knowledge of Maths” said Miss Orange, Maths Teacher.


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