Mentoring is ....

  • A one-to-one relationship between a mentor and a mentee which provides consistent support, guidance and assistance.
  • A way for a mentor to support and enable a mentee to gain the skills and confidence to be responsible for their own development.
  • The opportunity for a mentee to access impartial, non-judgemental advice and support.
  • The chance to work together to achieve agreed goals.   

Why do people need mentors? 

A lot of people need support in the following areas: 

Self Esteem

  • A boost to find ways to interact with other people within the school, home or community environment.
  • Improving levels of self-worth, self-confidence and determination.    

Interpersonal Skills

  • Not everyone has the confidence to express themselves and their opinions, which could lead to problems with their relationships with other people.   

Awareness of Opportunities

  • Some mentees benefit hugely from finding out about the different opportunities that are available to them. Others gain increased self-confidence in accessing these opportunities.

Mentoring at Tuxford Academy is undertaken by Mr James Cooper and Mrs Emma Hudson-Cave and Mrs Natalie Trippett. They are based in the Learning Resource Centre.


Student revision support


Each faculty is putting on a programme of revision sessions. All students should speak to their subject teachers to find out more information.

There is lots of information available on the revision page of the website - click here.

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