Key Stage Three:

To provide all students with a stimulating & relevant music education through ability matched activities in Performance & Composition. Both areas will be supported by ICT and homework tasks which are designed to encourage the development of around general musicianship. Assessment aims to recognise and reward effort alongside attainment in order to establish a positive partnership between teachers and students.

Key Stage Four:

Students at this key stage have made a further commitment to music education and will now study all components of the subject in greater depth. This will include increased opportunities to perform in showcase events & work with peers on the realisation of their own fully developed compositions. In addition, students will have the opportunity to experience the work of professional musicians through both trips out of school & visits from external community providers.

Post 16:    

The music department operates the full A Level Music course using the examination board OCR. The course focuses on Performance, Composition & Musical Historical Study at great depth. Students perform solo & group recitals on a regular basis; engage with specific compositional exercises in addition to arranging & extended composition. All practical tasks are unified by the detailed study of classical & jazz music from key musicians from Joseph Hayden to Miles Davis. Again, students are exposed to the work of professional musicians from classical & jazz genres, both live and recorded.

Extra Curricular Opportunities:

Opportunities beyond the classroom have two main aims: Firstly, we wish to encourage students of all abilities to participate in activities which promote participation in music. These include: Musical Theatre showcase events:

In the last few years we have successfully staged productions such as 'Jesus Christ Superstar', 'Oliver', 'Back to the Eighties' and 'We Will Rock You'. Our most recent project was 'Billy Elliot'.

Music Class work support tuition:

Here, students receive performance based support through a range of activities which include keyboard, guitar & Music Theory tuition. Sessions are provided by Post 16 students and charges apply at a rate which takes account of provider's experience.

Secondly, we aim to provide more able music students with a programme of study which provides challenge in all areas of music. These opportunities include:

  • A full programme of Instrumental & Vocal tuition provided by qualified tutors
  • Gifted & Talented Showcase events
  • Music Theory  & Aural classes to Associated Board Grade 5
  • Elective Study in a range of Music Technology skills & compositional genres.
  • Tuxford Academy Senior Choir
  • Tuxford Academy Light Music Ensemble

All performance ensembles will participate in a range of opportunities both in school & in the wider community.

Parents and carers information:

All Music Department 'Overview Schemes of Work' are available to view on this website. Each half term at Key Stage 3, a more specific 'Student E-Booklet' will be made available through PARS Insight. The booklet states the objectives of the unit & explains class work tasks & homework expectations. Parent / carer involvement in this process has an extremely beneficial impact on student progress and we appreciate your efforts to encourage a commitment to musical development at home.

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