PARS and PARS Insight

PARS (including Rewards and Sanctions)

PARS is the system that we use at the academy for registers, attendance, recording of homework and behaviour, and much, much more!  Students are able to accrue positive PARS points as rewards for many things from good behaviour to ensuring they have the correct equipment with them for lessons.  PARS points then feed into our rewards structure allowing students to earn bronze, silver, gold and diamond awards each year.  Parents, carers and students are able to view their PARS points on PARS Insight.

PARS Insight is the system we currently use to allow students and parents secure access to selected items of information.

Students can log into PARS Insight using their school login details. Parents have a separate account for their own use. If you are a parent at Tuxford, and have not received a login for PARS Insight, please send an e-mail with details of your child to

To log into PARS Insight, please click here

Rewards & Sanctions 

Academic achievement and conduct around the academy is exemplary: ‘Excellence through Teamwork.’

Students continue to meet high expectations around achievement and behaviour. We are keen to reward students for impeccable standards of appearance, conduct, and attitude school and meeting aspirational targets in the classroom.


The below six names are an example of over 300 students who have achieved our Diamond Award. 


William Moffat

Ashley Hope

Georgiana Templeton 

Kenya Longden

Wesley Clark

Megan Sheeran


Well done to all our students who achieved this fantastic award.


Parents and students can check on their own progress on rewards, homework, attendance, and achievement, by visiting Tuxford’s PARS Insight page at 

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