The Physical Education Faculty offers a broad and balanced curriculum across all key stages.  The key strands of the 2014 Physical Education National Curriculum (Developing Technique, Achieving a Personal Best, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and Overcoming Opponents through team and individual games) are delivered through a range of engaging activities, including; Trampolining, Handball, Gymnastics, Rugby, Hockey, Orienteering, Futsal and Badminton. There is a strong emphasis upon the development of key life skills such as communication, co-operation and trust within all practical lessons.


During Key Stage Four and Five students are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by completing a number of qualifications.  The level 1 and 2 Leadership course, Junior Football Organisers and Dance Leaders are some of the qualifications offered during core practical lessons. Not only does this provide students with a leadership qualification, it also enables our students to form links with local Primary Schools and engage future students of Tuxford Academy.


In terms of GCSE and A level Physical Education, the courses are a huge success within the PE faculty.  The AQA syllabus is studied at GCSE level and OCR at AS and A Level. These courses provide our students with the opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding of sport whilst also addressing current theoretical issues, such as; drugs in sport, media, muscles and how the body systems work. We also offer the BTEC Level 3 in Sport for those students interested in continuing their studies but wishing to do so through a different method.


Finally, we do offer a huge amount of extra-curricular provision at Tuxford Academy with an emphasis on not only competitive sport but involvement in physical activity. The Academy has in recent years had a number of highly successful sports teams across both genders including football, rugby, gymnastics, trampolining, triathlon, cross country and athletics. The fitness suite is also hugely popular amongst our students attracting 30-50 students during after school sessions. 

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