An easy acronym to remember them is SECRET e.g. Self Managers, Effective Participators e.t.c. There are 6 PLTS and there is an element of blurring and crossover of the skills. They should not necessarily be seen as separate but are instead integrated. Every classroom and learning space in our school has the 6 PLTS posters for teachers to refer to. Each faculty has subject specific famous personalities who demonstrate a particular PLTS quality.

The good news is that strategies we use on a daily basis to stretch and challenge our students encourage them to develop the PLTS. For example, Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questioning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Thinking Hats, Co-operative squares, fortune lines, living graphs, odd one out etc. We encourage you to use the PLTS posters in your lessons to highlight those skills to our students.

Post 16 students in particular benefit from including the PLTS in their personal statements when applying to further education.


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