Reporting arrangements


Reviews will provide a summary of the progress made by your son/daughter. They will include levels/grades achieved for individual subjects as well as target grades.

Progress Tutorials

This takes place after the issuing of the Review sheets. It is a meeting between the tutor and students. The discussion will include: progress made, areas for improvement and short/long term targets. It is expected that other progress related conversations will take place throughout the year on a more informal basis.

ROA (Records of Achievement)

This is a detailed account of the performance of individuals in each subject. It will contain behaviour and attendance data. It will also include assessments showing how students are developing as independent learners.

Academic Tutorials

This takes place after parents/carers have received the RoA. It takes place between the student, tutor and the student’s parent/carer to look at the assessment and behaviour data from the RoA and to renew targets and set new targets for improvement. The meeting is arranged at a mutually convenient time within a set week.

Progress Evenings (KS4)

These provide parents/carers with an opportunity to speak to identified specialist teachers about how students can be further supported, in any areas of concern and the targets to be met.

Teacher Assessments (KS3)

These grades will be published at the end of the academic year, and are a summary of the progress students have made.

The deadline dates for each year group are detailed in PARs Insight for you to view.

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