The 'six thinking hats' is a powerful technique that helps students look at important decisions from a number of different perspectives. It encourages them to move outside their usual way of thinking. As a result, students are able to understand the complexity of the decision and spot issues and opportunities they may not have thought of otherwise. Organisations from schools and companies to governments have used the thinking hats to promote more effective creative thinking and decision making. 

The six hats can be used when considering a problem. They are ideal for group work, with each group being given a different coloured hat. Everyone in the same group wears the same colour hat, in other words, they look at the problem from only one perspective indicated by the hat colour. Alternatively, a different coloured hat could be given to a different student.

Each hat has equal value.  They are simply a way of encouraging people to consider a problem from a different point of view to that which they may be used to considering.

The Six Hats

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  • White Hat  (information available and needed)  
  • Red Hat (feelings and hunches)  
  • Black Hat   (caution, difficulties and problems) 
  • Yellow Hat   (benefits and values) 
  • Green Hat  (alternatives and creative ideas) 
  • Blue Hat   (managing the thinking process)

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