Student Forum

College Presidents are elected for two years.  They represent the voice of their college in a professional, proactive way.  Becoming a College President or Tutor Group Representative is a great way to develop personal and professional skills.  We encourage students to put themselves forward for one of these roles. 

Why do we have a student voice?   

  • Allows every student to have a voice 
  • Encourages students to take ownership and get involved 
  • Improved engagement 
  • Ensures your questions and ideas are taken to the top

Are you...

  • Able to express your views and those of others?
  • A good organiser?
  • Able to attend meetings?
  • Passionate about making a difference?
  • Good at getting things done?
  • Enthusiastic about improving the environment at the academy?
  • Good at communicating with your peers, teachers and the Principal?

If so, you are just what the new Presidents are looking for.


Download more information about student reps.


If you would like to know more about the structure, roles and responsibilities please speak to the College Heads or Student Forum Coordinator.

To view Agendas, Minutes and Feedback from Student Forum meetings and conferences, please click on the links below:


19th January 2015

17th March 2015



Meeting minutes:  2nd February 2016

Student Voice conference:  15th December 2015


From Revd Greg Price

I attended the ‘Student Voice Conference’ in the morning of the 15th December 2015, which was held in the Hub and was attended by the ‘College Presidents’, and a cross section of representatives from the student body, staff and senior managers, and included myself on behalf of the governors and the Principal.

The meeting was brilliantly ‘chaired’ by one of the College Presidents and it is to be noted that the level of discussion, Q&A, thoughtfulness and sensible comment was a credit to the academy and the students who contributed. 

We discussed many issues - including the new build; proposals for upgrading the toilet facilities and school uniform.  The debate was at times ‘lively’, (one of the topics proved controversial to some) but the chair allowed full and frank debate whilst maintaining timeliness and order, and we finished ‘spot on time!’

I learned a lot!


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