early career development PROGRAMME (ECDP)

The Trent Valley Teaching School Alliance (TVTSA), in partnership with Olevi, offers the Early Career Development Programme, developed by TVTSA. The ECDP is designed to support NQTs, RQTs and teachers in their early careers. It provides a range of skills and understanding suitable for all sectors and phases, supporting colleagues in completing their NQT year, RQT year & beyond. It is delivered by our outstanding team of accredited facilitators who are all SLEs, Lead Practitioners, Assistant Principals or Principals.
Aims of the ECDP:
  •  Ensure that teachers consolidate their skills and move quickly to “Good” and “Outstanding” teaching
  •  Make the first vital years count
  •  Ensure that teachers receive high quality support, guidance and training
  •  Impact on the lives of children


The programme is designed to support NQTs, RQTs and teachers in their early careers. It consists of 6 full days spread throughout the academic year. Between sessions, teachers are expected to keep a reflective learning journal and will also be asked to complete tasks requiring them to learn in their own setting and creating a basis of discussion with Induction Tutors/mentors and other colleagues. Whilst NQTs should attend every session, it is possible for RQTs and those still in the early stages of their careers to attend sessions which they feel would most suit their needs ie these teachers may want to 'opt in' to certain sessions.
The dates of the events will be spread across the 6 half-terms and are placed on different days reducing curriculum disruption in school. Sessions will be hosted at Tuxford Academy but if numbers allow we will endeavour to organise sessions at different locations reducing journey time for colleagues attending. 
If you are an alliance NQT. the programme for 2017 - 2018 includes a FREE place on a behaviour management course led by Jason Bangbala  which takes place on Tuesday 16th January 2018.
The programme is hosted by the team at Tuxford Academy on behalf of TVTSA.
If you require any further information please contact us on 01777 870001 or email office@tvtsa.co.uk



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