Current Research and Development projects to promote and enhance our staff Corporate Professional Development are as follows:

  • Growth Mindsets
  • e-learning
  • The Learning Pit
  • QLA (Question-Level-Analysis).

All staff received twilight training on Growth Mindsets and were given a brief synopsis of the other 3 projects in a subsequent twilight CPD session.

Staff chose their preferred Research and Development group after consultations to ensure all faculties would have staff attending the various twilights. They attended their first CPD session in January 2015. This was followed up by a ‘drop-in-surgery’ session in March 2015 and a subsequent CPD session in June 2015.

Feedback from staff has been very positive. The motivation and leadership experience gained by the Research and Development team individuals has also benefitted the academy with over 80% of Research and Development staff appointments gaining future promotion and leadership experience.

The Research and Development team will contribute to the third edition of the Tuxford teachers; toolkit.

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