"The entire school supports you as a School Direct trainee, not just your faculty - and this includes the pupils!”

“The support that I have received in school is paramount to the successes I have had so far. Any questions that I have or support that I need is given straight away.”

Natalie Harris, School Direct, History

“There is a real buzz about the place within both staff and student communities”
Lloyd Johnson, School Direct, Physics

“I feel that learning on the job is the best way.  It’s much easier to try things out when you are in the classroom rather than learning theories.”
Warren Rhodes, School Direct, Chemistry

"The support from the teaching school staff at Tuxford Academy is second to none. The staff are always willing to support you in any aspect of your training year; whether it is personal or academic"
Ashleigh Day, School Direct, Geography


David Jordan, School Direct Psychology Comments on the following areas. 








-        TVTSA Wider context programme 

I think it’s all been really useful for different things in different ways, but particularly the guest speakers who have come in to offer advice on how to tackle current issues, like the homophobia and extremism in schools. They were really insightful and I’m not sure I’d be as well-informed about these issues and how to overcome these issues if it wasn’t for the Wider Context sessions.

 -        Mentor support  The mentor support is fantastic within the  TVTSA. Everybody is willing to help wherever they can. In  addition, having two mentors with different purposes means you  have different specialists to assist you.

 -        Employment 

 I was employed into the school I trained in, this is great, because I  know the systems in place and the expectations required of me. It  means that as I face my NQT year, potentially the most  challenging year in my career, I already have built relationships with some of my students and am teaching content in lessons that I have taught before and had the opportunity to reflect on and improve for the next lesson I teach it.










“The wider context programme was excellent, with sessions being delivered by practicing teachers, I knew it was up to date and relevant information”

“The support from my mentor was fantastic, although the year was intense I knew I could always ask for advice and wasn’t pressured to take responsibility for classes until I was ready”.


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