Teaching Assistant team

Our current team of Teaching Assistants include:

Mrs S Bingham  Computing & ICT TA 
Mrs R Birch English TA and 1-1 Student Support
Ms M Brown  MFL TA and 1-1 Student Support
Mrs H Evans  1-1 Student Support
Mrs M Farrell  Inclusion Support 
Mrs J Gill  TA Coordinator and Maths TA
Mrs K Hagan  MFL TA and 1-1 Student Support 
Mrs L Hook  Technology TA 
Mrs C Leachman  1-1 Student Support
Mr J Luckett  PE TA and 1-1 Student Support
Mr D Parry  Humanities TA 
Mrs C Peacock  Science TA
Mrs G Redican  Science TA 
Mrs A Rhodes  1-1 Student Support
Miss N Rushby  TA for Visually Impaired 
Mrs M Spittlehouse  Maths TA 
Mr J Thursby Apprentice TA
Mrs N Trippett 1-1 Student Support
Mrs S Walker 1-1 Student Support
Miss S Wakefield 1-1 Student Support 
Mrs M Woodcock 1-1 Student Support 

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