Trips and visits at Tuxford Academy

The Academy views trips and visits as ideal opportunities for students to widen their studies, interests, or experiences of different cultures in a setting less formal than the classroom environment. A small number of these form an essential part of an academic course, some are regarded as very useful for students to experience to give an extra dimension to their studies or personal development, and some are more recreational in nature. Whatever the underlying rationale for a trip or visit, staff and students are representing the good name of the Academy in the wider community.
Certain trips only have a limited number of places; in the event that a trip is oversubscribed, a selection process will take place shortly after the deadline for deposit returns has passed (by the random drawing of names) for initial and reserve places. Deposits for students who are unsuccessful in their application will be returned to their parents.
Trips and visits that are not an essential part of a course of study are treated as an ‘optional extra’, as outlined in the relevant DfE guidance (‘Charging for out of school activities’). Financial contributions from parents and carers are voluntary, but the Academy reserves the right to cancel any trip where there is insufficient funding available to allow it to take place, or where it is felt that student and staff safety is at risk, and will return payments collected if this happens. Payment deadlines for all our trips, and any associated penalties for late cancellations or payment, are set by the companies we use, and not the Academy itself. We will do all we can to mitigate such penalties, but cannot guarantee any specific level of refund to parents and carers.
Families in receipt of certain benefits, as listed on our Charging and Remission Policy, may be eligible for financial assistance from the Academy towards the cost of a day trip, or the cost of food and accommodation (often called the ‘board and lodgings’ element) of a residential trip. Enquiries regarding possible financial assistance should be directed to Mr Lynch, Vice Principal, or by email to the Finance Department The Academy will require original or photocopies of documentation showing current evidence of any income/ benefits being received (e.g. all pages of HMRC statement/Income Support letter) in order to assess.
To reserve a place on a Tuxford Academy trip or visit, prior completion of an EV4 medical form, the return of a consent form (provided with each trip letter), along with the trip payment or non-refundable deposit by the specified date, is essential in the first instance. Trip payments are made via our online payment system. Please see link at the bottom of the page.
Parents and carers should note that the Academy’s behaviour policy applies at all times during the duration of the trip. Consequently, the Academy reserves the right to refuse trip applications from students where their inclusion is considered by the trip leader to represent an unnecessary risk to the safety of other students or staff participating in the activity. Poor student behaviour records after applications have been accepted may also result in exclusions from present and future trips. Under these circumstances, payments made for the trip will be refunded, minus any non-refundable deposits and associated costs already incurred by the Academy (e.g. advance booking fees). 
Please feel free to contact the Trip Leader or the Trips office for any trip administration queries




2017/2018 Trips



P16 Geog - Cranedale Residential



Y7 Bowling Evenings

GCSE Drama Trip Leicester

GCSE Drama Trip Leeds

GCSE Geog Field Trip

P16 Auschwitz Residential



P16 History University Visit

The Big Sleepout (Charity event)



GCSE/A level Drama - New York



Y7/8 Big Bang Science Trip NEC



Skiing Residential Trip - Andorra - please see links to the right

Duke of Edinburgh 



Y7 Sherwood Pines

Y9 Geography Burbage Brook

Y10 Geography Holderness Coast

Y9 Markeaton Park

Y8 PE Clumber

Y7 Harry Potter Studios

Y10 Alton Towers

Y8 Science Museum

Y7 Clumber Park

Y10 PE Cleethorpes



Y6 Transition Walesby

Y9-11 Duke of Edinburgh

Y7 Camp 1 Residential

Y7 Camp 2 Residential

Y9 London Residential

Post 16 University Residential



Post 16 Geography Crandale Residential


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